The WOTAPOD is the budget-friendly entry model that allows you to start with the basics, then choose exactly what you want and exclude the stuff you don’t want. It is the smallest of the three models with the double bed, handy for those with limited garage space. We do suggest as you build your order, to consider re-sale value, where some options might not be for you but are likely to appeal to others if you ever decide to sell.

Choose your colours for cabinetry, sidewalls, and roof.

Price: $22,990

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Extra Solar Panel

Go off grid for as long as you want with a powerful an extra 150w panel (300w in total) and lithium controller wired into your Australian made lithium battery.


Electric Brakes

Electric brakes will make your towing experience that much smoother and enjoyable, and is definitely a plus for resale value. You will need an electric brake controller on your vehicle.


Side Awning

Awning mounted to the side of your pod for quick and easy deployment.


140ah Upgraded Lithium Battery + Lithium Controller

Lithium batteries last around 3x longer than an lead acid, charge faster (close to 100% efficiency compared to 85% for lead), are lighter, better in hot/cold, zero maintenance and can be regularly drained 60%, compared to 30-40% recommended for lead… effectivly doubling your amp hours (AH). Includes higher grade regulator for charging lithium batteries.


Kings 30L Drawer Fridge

Fridge and slider. We chose these fridges because they have solid product reviews and are available all over Australia, should something ever go wrong with it. They come with a 5yr warranty. Our price includes installation and a 12v Anderson socket to plug in.



12v TV with remote mounted onto a swivel mount for viewing in the cabin and from outside through the servery.


240v setup

(Included in Bosspod) Wotpods are wired for 12v. If you want to plug your pod into the mains when you are caravan parks, for your kettle, induction cooker and electric blankets, this is for you 🙂 These are certified by a qualified electrician.


Roof Rack

(Standard rack included with Bosspod. You will need a roof rack if you are choosing a side awning.


180 Awning

For a bit more roof realestate, upgrade your side awning to a 180 degree awning!


Mobility Access

4x access grab rails to ensure everyone can enjoy a Wotpod.


Shower Tent

Here’s the perfect, instant solution to a lack of privacy when you’re camping. Available only with the upgraded roof rack, unavailable on Podaroo.


Hot Water Unit

(Included in Bosspod) Say goodbye to lukewarm campsite showers or making do with a pack of baby wipes. With the Kings Portable Gas Hot Water System, you’ll have hot water in a flash. If you buy want to buy your own, please request $80 bracket welded to your roof rack.


Two side windows


Cabinetry Colours

Click here to see the cabinetry colour chart.


External Colours

Click here to see the colour chart for sidewalls and roof.


Off-road upgrade

Off-Road: 16″ Off-Road Tyres, 360 Coupling Hitch, Independent Suspension, Coil Shocks, Trailing Arm, Reinforced Chassis


Jerry can cradles

2x jerry can cradles mounted either side of your storage box for fuel and water on those big trips.


Roof top tent

Quality roof-top tent for guests or the younger family members. Fibreglass shell, canvas material.


Suspension upgrade

Independent suspension, coil shock absorbers and trailing arm. Lifts pod 150mm.


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Wotapod – Model Features


  • Overall cabin size 2440L x 1500W x 1200H
  • 1500mm drawbar
  • 2 x 15″ wheels
  • 1 x spare wheel with mounting bracket
  • Tare – 650kg


  • Choose your external walls colour
  • Choose your roof colour
  • full aluminium frame
  • Fully insulated

Front Box

  • 1200x600mm aluminium box to house battery and for storage
  • Battery – lithium 24ah
  • 12v control box, fuses, shut-off etc.


  • Double mattress
  • 80 Litre Water tank
  • Outside tap/filler
  • 12v pressure pump (4.3L/min)
  • 300mm roof vent/hatch 2-way fan
  • 2 x side access doors/screened and lockable
  • Cabin – 2 x twin usb points and phone pockets
  • External lighting 12v hard wired
  • Internal cabin shelf


  • Timber bench
  • Overhead shelf
  • 1x deep drawer
  • slider for stove (stove not included)
  • 2 x usb ports, 1 x Cigarett lighter port
  • lighting


  • Awning – 2.5m x 2m
  • roof rack
  • Fridge & slider
  • stove
  • 240v Power
  • 22″ colour TV with remote
  • Front window & side windows
  • Bedroom cabinetry 
  • Solar
  • 140ah battery
  • Stainless steel benchtop
  • Off-road upgrade

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You could Generate and Download your Free quote, or view and confirm your pod’s specs

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For those seeking a perfect blend of value and features, the Q-POD, priced at $27,990, strikes an ideal balance


The BOSSPOD is the pinnacle of teardrop camping, coming in at $29,990.

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