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Yes! Choose your own colours for external sidewalls, roof and cabinetry.

We originally built in Sydney, but moved out with Covid approaching. Then Lismore, and hit by the floods. 2 years ago we started investigating taking our manufacturing overseas. 10 months later we imported our first pod built in China, built to our specifications and materials. We also have in place a quality management system approved at federal level that demonstrates we maintain control on quality and adherence to Australian standards – so it’s not as though we simply decided one day to import caravans.

We install the Australian made lithium batteries and all other accessories (TV, stove, fridge, hot water etc.) here and offer a national warranty service, whereas previously it was the more common back-to-workshop warranty. This approach allows us to keep our price under $30k for our top-of-range model, and our partner has machinery that bends and shapes steel/aluminium in ways we could only ever dream of in our own workshops. This partnership enabled us to take our pods to the next level and offer a compelling product.

Of course we also heard the nightmare stories with outsourcing manufacturing and believe me, we approached it with caution if not trepidation! By way of example, we went through several suppliers for the doors, the chassis is additionally sprayed with an elastic bitumen for added rust protection, the wiring for 240 and 12 is now much more sophisticated than we were ever doing before and we’ve been able to get much better balancing because we gained access to machinery and tools that allowed better RnD on the chassis etc. 

You are very welcome to visit us in Melbourne or Lismore to inspect the high quality build that our customers have expected from Wotpods since our first pod 4-years ago.

Yes, the doors are lockable, as is the galley kitchen lid, windows and even the towball housing.

We used to install a sink, but the space it took away from the benchtop AND the storage underneath (plumbing) was too significant. Now you fill up your washing container on the side, and plop it on your benchtop when ready to wash. Much more practical!

The fridge is a 36lt Brass Monkey fridge on sliders. These are well reputed fridges and you keep the receipt, so if anything goes wrong you can go to any Jaycar and replace it.

No, we don’t do batwings anymore. They just looked a bit silly on such a high roof rack to go over the open kitchen lid, and the kitchen lid already provides shade/protection at the back. We highly recommend the Colemans dome gazebo range, 4.2×4.2m of living space at the back of your pod, into which the kitchen serves. 

Yes, you can mix and match most options on models. The shower needs the upgraded roofrack with hotwater unit bracket, and only the Bosspod can take a batwing awning.

Electric brakes on your pod will make for more comfortable towing and is a popular if you were to ever consider resale value. We put the electric brakes on the pod, but you need to get your auto electrician to setup the controller on your car.

Normally 90-days, but this extends to around 130 days in summer.

We deploy a 62L water tank under the pod, connected to an pressure trigger electric pump. This should be plenty of water for a couple for a weekend. You can also carry extra water bottles in your storage box or on the roof by adding your own roof tray on the roof rack.

Yes, all pods are fully insulated.

All Wotpods come with a high quality aluminum storage box 1200x600mm, which houses the battery in a Kings powerbox, with plenty of room to spare. You may also opt for roof racks and attach your own roof rack basket.

We offer a 12-month full manufacturer’s warranty on all our work.

You can view pods in Lismore NSW and Melbourne Vic, by appointment. We also understand not everyone can view one before pick-up, which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee all the way to collection day. 

You go through the ordering process on This generates a quote, with bank details for your $5k deposit. A progress payment of another $10k is required when we send you photos of your pod 90% complete. The balance of payment is due on collection. If on collection you are not 100% delighted with your pod, we will onsell it to our followers and refund you in full. 

Wotpods come with a NSW blueslip for registration, which we are told works for Victorian registration also. The annual cost for registration is $67 you buy the rego plate, which is $65. For Qld registration we supply you with the paperwork to take to the shopfront in Qld.

We sleep 2 adults and a 9yr old girl, but we also use the 4.2m gazebo with the walls attached when our daughter has friends come camping with us. Realistically for a good night sleep, two adults comfortably in the cabin.

We offer 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase for the chassis and drawbar against fatigue.

The ‘product’ includes any part, standard inclusion or option sold with the Wotpod. If the product is found to be defective within the warranty period, Wotpods Pty Ltd will repair or replace the product at their discretion.
Wotpod warranties do not cover damage caused by unauthorised modifications, abuse, misuse, incorrect assembly, inadequate maintenance, act of god accidents or collisions and terrorism.
Wotpod warranties do not cover any part or inclusion provided by the customer during or after the build.
Any costs related to transport, accommodation, towing or recovery costs occurring as a result from a warranty claim are the purchasers responsibility.
Warranties do not apply products that are used as rentals or for hire.
Warranties do not apply to products that are sold at auction or sold as a demonstrator, factory second or used.
Trailer chassis are covered by the above limited manufacturer’s warranty from the original date of purchase. The original purchaser is entitled to replacement or repair for a major failure. The original purchaser is entitled to have the product repaired or replaced if the product fails to be of acceptable quality.

Tyres wear and tear
Paint general wear and tear
Colour fading and sun or water exposure
General consumables such as batteries, bearings and light bulbs etc.
Warranties are valid from the original date of purchase.
All warranty work needs to be carried out by Wotpods authorised representatives only with written permission from Wotpods Pty Ltd.

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